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Chuck Palahniuk: My Favorite Author

February 27th, 2009 No comments

I have a habit of reading multiple books at once.  

In the past two days (thanks to a wicked cold/flu) I’ve managed to finish Evan Wright’s Generation Kill.  On the nightstand sits my pile of current reads; Ken Follett’s The Pillars Of The Earth, Kurt Andersen’s Turn Of The Century, and Chuck Palahniuk’s Snuff.

To put it mildly, Chuck Palahniuk is my literary God.

Snuff is Chuck’s latest endeavor, which details the death wish of a porn star (don’t tell me how it finishes!).  If I had to list my top Palahniuk books in order they would have to be Survivor (please, oh please, make this into a movie!), Fight Club, Rant, Diary (the last two pages made the entire book), and Lullaby.  If you’re into raw, gritty writing that pulls no punches and aims to offend everyone at least once during each novel, than give Chuck Palahniuk a shot.  He has a unique knack to make the abnormal seem so joyously abnormal.  

I’m such a whore for his writings that I even paid a bit of cash to score a first print of Fight Club, an amazing book that served as the basis for an amazing movie.  Scan of the cover provided below.  Click to embiggen…

I can only hope that someday I’ll manage to write something that deserves to stand in Palahniuk’s shadow.  What I’m writing now reads well as a first draft, but there’s another idea that I’d like to pursue.  I guess I’ll throw it, and my notes, onto one of my many slowly smoldering back burners until my current effort goes through a few more drafts.  So many thoughts, so little time.

In Tyler we trust…

I’d like to to catch Chuck Palahniuk during one of his book tours.  His new novel, Pigmy, is due out in May.  Perhaps I’ll get lucky and catch him during his promo tour for Pigmy

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George Lucas: Gorton’s Fish Fillets Mascot?

February 26th, 2009 No comments

I was stumbling through the aisles of the local grocery store this past weekend when I spied a product mascot that looked somehow…familiar:

I know Ive seen this guy somewhere before

I *know* I've seen this guy somewhere...

Of course

Of course! It's so obvious. Why hadn't I made the connection before?

Insect Found In Michelina’s Frozen Dinner

February 25th, 2009 11 comments

I received an urgent e-mail from Karin today.  In it she asked how my day was going.  Did I feed the cat this morning?  What new movies were released on blu-ray today?  Oh, and by the way, did I know that she found a bug in her frozen dinner this afternoon?

At first I thought that must be a typo.  Did she just say that she found a bug in her frozen dinner?

At home this evening she brought up the bug issue once again, showing me a cell phone picture she took.  I couldn’t really make out what was in the picture because of the poor quality (see below.  I cleaned it up as best I could).  Still not quite believing her, Karin pulled out of her bag a paper cup stuffed with tissues.  She told me that this is what she found in her Michelina’s frozen meal.

Wrapped up within these tissues was this monster:


Worm found in a Michelina's frozen dinner

I'm glad Karin brought this home to be photographed. Slightly disgusted, but glad ;-)

One of the offending frozen dinners that contained the bug

One of the offending frozen dinners that contained the bug. Not the same box or dish that the bug was found in, but the same brand bought at the same time as the bug dinner. If this bug dinner was inspired by a chef, I'd be sure to double-check his credentials...

Karins original cell phone pic

Karin's original cell phone pic

As you can see, this bug was flash frozen in a Michelina’s dinner.  We’ll never buy this brand again.

What’s really annoying me about this is that somebody, somewhere, has a Michelina’s frozen food product which contains the other half of this bug.

So…what’s in your freezer?

UPDATE: Belliso Foods contacted us in an effort to correct this situation.

On Call With Bruce Willis

February 24th, 2009 No comments

The stars have aligned, the planets have converged, and the Ouija has spoken.  This is the week that I’m on call.  If the sh*t goes down at work, I’m the one that gets called at 3am to fix the problem.  Lucky me.

To celebrate this monumental week I’ve decided to celebrate with a late night blu-ray viewing of Live Free Or Die Hard.  And, while suspending my disbelief in the impossible, I cheered as Bruce Willis drove a van through a high-security building and into an elevator shaft where he had a kung-fu battle to the death while precariously dangling over a deep, dark concrete abyss, then survives a multitude of shockingly excessive explosions without losing his hearing, launches an exploding car into a hovering helicopter, then highjacks a semi and battles a freakin’ military jet as he dodges the shattering debris of a collapsing freeway bridge system, I have to wonder how the producers might top something like this for a potential Die Hard 5.  The mind reels

If you do have the blu-ray version of this movie, there’s a nifty extra called “Yippie Kay Yay Motherfu*%er” where Kevin Smith interviews Bruce Willis about the Die Hard franchise.  If you have an extra 22 minutes it’s well worth the viewing.

If I had to be honest for a second here, I’d have to admit that the second Die Hard was crap.  I feel embarrassed for Bruce Willis whenever I’m exposed to it.

And in case you missed it, the Scrabble word of the day a few days ago was a bit…unusual.

Hey man, don’t look at me.  This was all Hasbro’s doing.  I just report it as I see it…

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Heath Ledger Vs. Bad Mexican Food

February 23rd, 2009 4 comments

So….Heath Ledger won his posthumous Oscar for his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight.  To cut to the quick, there was no other way that this saga could have concluded.  The tears shed by those in attendance was a rare example of uncontrollable, honest feelings on full display in a business where deception and duplicity are SOP.  And rare is the film that generates such intense scrutiny as TDK has.  For Heath to win Best Supporting Actor, and for his father to accept the award, was almost too much for this humble blogger.  To say that I wasn’t emotionally touched by this emotional juggernaut would have been a vicious lie.  

For the movie-going audience The Dark Knight was not about Christian Bale.  Batman who?  The public was there in support of the Joker.  

Saturday night Karin and I fired up our blu-ray copy of The Dark Knight (if you haven’t seen this film in the blu-ray format, the IMAX scenes are breathtakingly amazing) and reveled in Heath Ledger’s performance.  I found myself grinning like an idiot whenever the pasty-faced sociopath was on screen.  Heath’s take on the Joker was nothing short of magic, and to think otherwise would be a dishonest, jaded assessment of Heath’s take on the Joker character.  The Oscars typically leans towards leftist ideals and “high-brow” films not normally seen by the general populace.  To deny Heath Ledger a nod would have been an affront to true talent, and a thumb in the eye to fans around the world who have pushed the theatrical earnings of this film past the one-billion dollar mark. 

And to think, just a few hours prior I was gleefully chowing down on a shredded beef tostada in a questionable mexican eatery in a sketchy part of San Marcos.  Sure, the food was fantastic, but for the remainder of the day the toilet and I were locked in a squirming, titanic struggle for my very soul.  

“Customer #30″ indeed…

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