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The Greatest Tuna Fish Sandwich Ever

October 28th, 2010 6 comments

So there I was, minding my own business, relaxing on a bench yesterday with my sack lunch (hey, I’m trying to save money), enjoying the amazing weather we’re having over here in San Diego when a tow truck and a police car pull up next to a Honda Prius parked on the street roughly 100 feet away.

The police officer exits his vehicle and slowly ambles his way up to the Honda, both hands on his hips, paying particular attention to the front license plate.  The tow truck guy, baseball cap on backwards and dickies unbuttoned to his crotch approaches the cop and they have a quick discussion filled with sweeping hand gestures and copious note-taking.  Apparently having come to a decision on the next course of action, the tow trucker driver walks over to his truck and quickly reappears with a slim jim to break into the Prius.

“Oh, joy,” I think to myself, settling down to watch the afternoon’s entertainment.

After ten minutes of fiddling with the lock on the passenger side the tow truck guy gives up and goes back to his truck and backs it up to the Prius with the intent of somehow sliding the vehicle out from between the two cars that it was tightly parked between.

That’s when some joker wearing an obnoxious yellow tie lurches from the company parking lot in an ungainly stride, arms flailing in the air like a repentant Sunday church worshiper in the clutches of the Holy Spirit, yelling “That’s my car!  That’s my car!”  The officer quickly moves to intercept this guy, stops him several paces away from the Honda, and they have quick conversation.  Twenty seconds later the cop has Mr. White Collar face down on the hood of the Prius, hands behind his back, with cuffs quickly descending down on the guy’s wrists.

The officer soon had dejected looking Obnoxious Tie Guy in the back of his cruiser.  The tow truck driver deftly slid the Prius out and hooked it up to his truck.  Minutes later the scene was clear, as if nothing had ever happened.

And that was the best time I ever had eating a homemade tuna sandwich.

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