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I Have So Many People To Thank…

May 15th, 2012 13 comments

My good friend Nicole over at The Madlab Post was kind enough to award me with the Versatile Blogger Award!  Woo Hoo!

There is a caveat to this prize:  I must share seven things about myself to the person who presented me with this award.  Well, not being the shy type, I thought I might as well pour my heart and soul out to everyone unlucky enough to voluntarily read this dreck of a blog…so let’s go!

  1. I enjoy eating cottage cheese with sugar
  2. I learned how to spell ‘encyclopedia’ when I was seven years old because I was promised $5 to do so
  3. When I was a child I jumped from the roof of my elementary school and into an open trash bin like a stuntman (to this day I’m grateful that it wasn’t “recycle your glass” day)
  4. I love peeling my skin after a sunburn
  5. I much prefer to stay up late than get up early
  6. I used to be big into silk screen artwork (making posters for local bands), and hope to pick it up again someday
  7. I sorely miss my days in the Air Force

There.  Whew!  That wasn’t so bad, now was it?  Heh…

And again, Nicole, many thanks for the award!  You’re an amazing blogger.  Everyone here should immediately add your blog to their blogrolls, if they know what’s good for ‘em.

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Overlord Award

June 1st, 2011 10 comments

My days of wallowing knee deep in mediocrity have finally come to an end. I have been elevated above the blogging rabble, endowed with a new sense of higher purpose (and now with a fresh irish-spring scent!) and the power to instill awe and wonder upon all who gaze upon my glorious, ethereal being.

What is the root and cause of this change in state of being you might ask?  Well, Fireblossom from Shay’s Word Garden has presented with with the much-coveted Overlord Award:

Now, this award doesn’t some cheaply.  To rightfully lay claim so such an awesome and majestic award there are rules one must follow.  First, one has to list three things one would change in the world. Second, one must pass this award on to ten other worthy bloggers. Lastly, one must notify the recipients that they have been bestowed this honorable award.

With great power comes great responsibility, so let’s get on with it…

The three things I would change in this world would be:

1- Anytime anyone utters the word “anywho”, they’re instantly transported back to the early 80′s and forced to watch reruns of BJ and the Bear until they see the error of their ways.

2- Limp Bizkit…they never happened.

3- Sammy Davis Jr., Vincent Price and John Wayne would be immortal, ageless and undying.

And to whom will I pass on this most illustrious of awards?  Here they are, in no particular order:

Forks Of The Moment
Going To Hell With Her Spectacles On
Objets D’art (yes, I had to go there)
Caught My Eye
Vent (again?  Yes!)
Pearl, Why You Little…
The House Of Husar
The Madlab Post
When Pigs Fly
Totally Useless (thanks for being there at the beginning!)

And now the onus is on me  to notify these fine individuals that they’re the proud recipients of this singularly unique award lusted after by billions of bloggers the world over!


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